Colder weather is coming to Georgia, and while that can be a relief for your air conditioning after the hot and humid months of summer, it can also be a difficult time for your Sharpsburg roofing. This is a simple checklist of the things that you need to do this month to prepare your roof for the coming winter.

Check and Clear Gutters

November through March are the months of the year with the highest average precipitation in and around Sharpsburg, GA. When all this moisture comes your home needs to be ready to get it off the roof and away from your home—that’s where your gutters come in. If they are filled with leaves, branches, debris, and granules from your Sharpsburg roofing shingles, they won’t be able to properly channel the water to the downspouts and into the yard. Homeowners who don’t have the proper safety equipment to do the inspection and cleaning yourself should contact Sharpsburg roofers to help you get the gutters cleaned and repaired. They can also make sure the gutters are properly fastened to your roof and not sagging or rusted.

Inspect and Fix Roofing Shingles

As the colder, wetter weather comes along it’s important that you prevent any leaks in your Sharpsburg roofing. Check your shingles for any signs of potential damage and make sure that you have a roofing contractor in Sharpsburg repair it right away if you find problems. In fact, it’s best to have a professional roofing contractor come and inspect your roof because they may be able to spot things you don’t notice.

Check for Rusted and Warped Flashing

Flashing that is deteriorating or warping around the edges of skylights, chimneys, walls, and vents can often lead to leaks. In fact, this is the most common area where homeowners find water leaking from the roof. Look for obvious signs of damage from hail or other severe weather, or signs like rust that indicate it might need to be replaced.

These simple tasks can ensure that your roofing will last through the winter without any problems, and your home will stay safe and dry until spring comes.