When was the last time that you read through all the fine print in your roofing warranty? For most homeowners the answer to this question is probably “never,” but there is a lot of important information in a roofing warranty that you should understand in case you ever need repairs or roof replacement in Senoia, GA.

Two Types of Roofing Warranties

There are generally two different types of roofing warranties in Senoia. The first type covers the materials used during installation (materials warranty), and protects you in case there is a manufacturing defect. The second is an installation or labor warranty, which protects you in case your Senoia roofer does a poor job installing the shingles on your home and your roof has problems after installation.

Why Materials Warranties Matter

When you hire a roofing contractor, it is a good idea to discuss the materials that they plan to use for your Senoia roofing, and find out if they come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Reputable nationwide brands often come with warranties that could last as long as 25 to 50 years, and a good warranty can be an indication that the company is confident in the quality of the products they offer. However, it should be noted that while a 50-year warranty might sound impressive, your roof might only be expected to last 20 years (making that long warranty invalid for the last 30 years).

Read the Fine Print

As with any warranty, you should carefully inspect it and read all the fine print before you sign it and assume you are protected. It might come with stipulations that the homeowner must following to keep the warranty valid (such as regular inspections and maintenance), and in many cases it is only applicable to the homeowners who purchase the new roof or the new home, so if you buy someone else’s home the warranty might not transfer. Taking time to read through it and understand your responsibilities and the limitations of the warranty will help in case you ever need to redeem it later.

Homeowners should also note that materials warranties will not protect against errors that occur during Senoia roofing installation, so having a warranty for both materials and labor will help protect your home from issues that may arise with either one.