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The Science & Technology of Softwash Roof Cleaning

The truth behind roof stains, what they are, why they are there, and how they got there.
Roof cleaning as an industry is very new. Bursting onto the scene in the late 1980's and early 1990's there have been as many methods for cleaning roofs as the organisms growing on top of them. Initially roof cleaning was a "garage art" at best. Primarily a phenomenon in the Southern United States, roof cleaning was thought of as a regional service with the hot spot in the state of Florida. Initially the focus of ridding the roof surface of ugly black streaks was a basic cleaning function. However, these black streaks are truly an infection of organic materials that are better addressed with algaecides such as you would address a fungal infection in your garden. To approach roof staining in this way was different than any other previously taken, and led to a revolution in the roof cleaning industry.

More than Cleaning

Soft washing is more than roof cleaning. Our revolutionary products not only clean stains but also sanitize, penetrate, and eliminate the root of the issue. The main culprit of most roof staining that causes prevalent black streaks is a bacteria called Gloeocapsa Magma. Soft washing has the ability to kill the pest from the root up, achieving a truly clean surface.

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